Thousands of investment professionals such as yourself are running their own investment funds. An investment fund is an investment vehicle that provides asset managers and traders a legitimate structure to attract investors either onshore and/or offshore.

The team at has assisted hundreds of fund managers set up their own funds. Our extensive experience and specialized expertise in the investment fund arena enables us to focus on building your fund from the ground up. The process is quite simple:

› Initial consultation › Engagement & completion of our comprehensive fund questionnaire
› Outlining your budget and timeline of completion
› Defining your fund's terms and fee structure
› Handling of all fund documents and required registrations via our legal team
› ISIN/CUSIP registration and applications to reporting agencies
› Choosing a prime broker › Introductions to the appropriate fund administrator familiar with your specific fund strategy
› Introductions to with an auditor who will provide year-end tax work and a full audit for the fund
› Creating a marketing strategy and budget
› Planning and building your website, marketing materials and PowerPoint presentation
› On-going consultation for the first full year



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