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PowerPoint Presentation (Pitch Book)

A professionally developed pitch book using customized template and color scheme specifically designed for the needs of the Fund. The objective of the pitch book is to clearly explain the strategy and build a story around the competitive advantages of the fund. The pitch book will stress on the team, investment process, risk management, performance and summary statistics, fund terms and case studies to strengthen the storyline. The presentation is typically 20-30 pages long and should contain the following:

fund pitchbook
• Introduction
• Opportunity
• Competitive Edge
• Firm Organizational Chart
• Investment Process
• Portfolio Construction/Composition
• Risk Management
• Fund Information
• Case Studies
• Appendix – Disclaimers

Fund Fact Sheet

This customized 1-2 page report will have a consistent feel to the Marketing Presentation. This report is typically the first marketing piece a potential investor receives and the first impression of the fund will be establish based on this document. The fact sheet will summarize the funds objective, performance, and key attributes/highlights of the Fund. The objective of this report is to generate enough interest so the investor will request for more information. Content on the fact sheet may include:

fund factsheet
• Monthly Performance Returns
• Key Summary Statistics
• Correlation
• Benchmark Analysis
• Net/Gross Exposures
• Portfolio Allocation/Attribution
• Commentary
• Fund Terms
• VAMI Growth Charts
• Risk/Return Profiles

Fund Statistical Analysis

An all encompassing analysis which calculates most Greek measures for the fund based on its monthly performance stream. Certain of these statistics will be used in other marketing pieces to help promote the Fund. Additionally, identifying competitors and benchmarks (via multiple hedge fund/market databases) of the fund for peer comparison analysis. This will help identify how the fund has perform relative to its peers and benchmarks. Other analyses may include:

• Correlation Analysis – Measures the fund’s performance move relative to another benchmark or fund
• Draw down Analysis – Identifying the maximum draw down (peak-to-trough decline) of the fund, the length of it and how long did it take to recover
• Peer Group Comparison – Identifying peers and benchmarks of the fund and comparing the entire groups summary statistics
• Other Statistical measures include: Annualized Compound Rate of Return, Annualized Standard Deviation, Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, Skewness, Kurtosis, Annualized Alpha, Treynor Index, Jensen’s Measure, Downside Deviation, Sterling Ratio, Calmar Ratio, T-Stat

Hedge Fund Database Insertion

We can list your fund with key Hedge Fund Databases to increase your exposure to accredited and institutional fund investors.

Hedge Fund Investor Email Lists

Get started marketing your fund with our comprehensive list of Hedge Fund Investors including professional investors, accredited investors and family offices.


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